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Go For Surgery (GFS) is one of the leading medical tourism companies based in U.K, It is having a Country Representative in India, New Delhi who provides you excellent healthcare programs and services along with memorable holidays in India. GFS assists the individuals from all over the world searching for all forms. Our Company offers you affordable, high quality medical solutions and has served number of patients from all over the world.

Why Choose Us ?

Travelling abroad has its challenges at the best of times. When you go away on holiday there is always the last minute rush and no holiday is complete without its share of small disagreements, confusion and misunderstandings. Then there are the cultural differences. To tip or not. To bargain or not. Are the people being curt/ rude or is this normal behaviour. No wonder you feel like you need a holiday just when you are on your way home!!

We as Medical Tourism Facilitators help to make your journey less stressful by acting on your behalf. We know the area you plan to travel to, many of the facilities have been visited by our team or associates. This helps us in advising you to making the right choices. We help you in many ways:

  • Local Expertise
  • Choosing the right provider
  • Making sure your treatment complies with local regulations (stem cell therapy is not legal in some countries)
  • Attending to your queries in a timely way.
  • We give you the option of changing your mind at any time
  • Act as an intermediary on your behalf
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